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Tyrone Mennonite Church

We are a small Anabaptist Mennonite congregation of Christian believers that began holding services in August of 2010 in Tyrone, Pennsylvania. We believe that God so loved the world that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to the world so that whoever believes in Him can experience eternal life. We are grateful for Jesus' work of salvation, and it is our goal is to live in obedience to Christ's teachings that we find in the New Testament. For us church is about more than community, it is about people helping each live out Biblical directives in today's world. We welcome you to come and join us!

picture of Tyrone Mennonite Church

Worship Services

9:30 AM each Sunday

6:30 PM every third Sunday


Stephen Burkholder • (814) 684-0703

Jason Sensenig • (814) 327-4271

Duane Witmer • (814) 684-0323

Upcoming Events

Recent Sermons